Neighbors FOR Lakeside City

Welcome to Neighbors FOR Lakeside City

Who We Are

We are a growing group of neighbors who live east of I-285 and desire cityhood.  We believe that the organized leadership, initiative, and due diligence of Lakeside City Alliance (LCA) offers the best credible opportunity to achieve cityhood in our area, and in the shortest possible time.  
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Our community of interest revolves around where we live, work and play which generally takes us into Embry Hills, Northlake, Briarlake, Oak Grove, Toco Hills, and even Decatur or Atlanta, but not as often to Smoke Rise, Stone Mountain, or Main Street Tucker.  

On the map you will see some of our neighborhoods.  If you are not on the proposed LCA map but would like to be included, it is not too late! Please let us hear from you. 

See the latest Lakeside City map

A new city of Lakeside could lower your tax burden while improving the efficiency and delivery of services you receive.

1) Decreased Tax Burden - CAPPED MILLAGE RATE
The millage rate that goes to the city would be capped and could not be raised by the city except through a voter referendum.

2) A Replacement of Government - NOT ANOTHER LAYER 
The proposed city is not another layer of government; it is simply shifting control from the county to you.  It is a replacement of services that are inefficient with more efficient and responsive government.  

3) Better Representation - KNOW YOUR CITY COUNCIL
My DeKalb County Commissioner represents over 100k residents.  A city the size of Lakeside City (63k) would have elected councilpersons responsive to the needs and concerns of approximately 10k residents each.  Your city representative will actually live in your neighborhood!

The city's focus will be a smaller, more cost efficient government with improved services.

5) Improved Property Values - REAL ESTATE
Real estate agents and banks often calculate property in a city as more valuable, because services are considered to be better.

6) All Homestead Exemptions will remain - NO CHANGE
Know the FACTS!
- The millage rate will be capped 
- The millage rate could only be raised by you the taxpayer through referendum
- Schools will remain with DeKalb County
- Police services will be local with better coverage
- You aren't leaving DeKalb County, just taking control over some government services
- The city is not another layer of government, it is simply shifting control from the county to you
- Like Dunwoody, we can have the lowest tax burden in the County